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Presenting... the Steveston-London Class of 2017 Lip Dub!



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2016 Alumni Career Night was a Success!

Many thanks to all our Alumni who came out and spoke to the current SLSS students about their careers and how they got there. It was a great evening and the students appreciated all the words of wisdom. It was a great night.

Alumni were - Graeme Adamson - SLSS 2008, Jack Beetstra - Steveston 1981, Tim Chan - London 1997, Marjorie Co - Steveston 1986, Elaine Ho - SLSS 2012, Terry Kaplan - London 1997, Dave Lindsay - Steveston 1977, Dr. Matt Mosher - Steveston 1978, Micheal Neill - SLSS 2008, Nathan Nowak - Steveston 2001, Karen Ong - Steveston 1994, Aysha Revell - Steveston 2002, Greg Sargent - Steveston 2006, Bre Teranishi - Steveston 2001, Calvin Tham - Steveston 1995, Steve Wade - Steveston 1980, Barry Wosk - Steveston 1987. What an outstanding group!!

Photos of the demolition of Steveston High School

Photos of the Art Sculpture at the new Residential Development at Steveston High School

2016-2017 marks a big Milestone for Steveston-London Secondary.  Check out what's going on here.

Unveiling of the Steveston Legacy Project:

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Steveston Secondary is now Steveston-London Secondary!

"As Partners in Education, our purpose is to initiate and enhance educational experiences and provide a focus for social interaction for all members of the Steveston High family."

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